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Creating a Sustainable Future Committed to ESG Principles

A young Start-up in the Chemical sector, recognised  by the Government of India, established in June 2022 by five diversified professionals.

We design, develop & manufacture resins with green attributes for use in Architectural Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Printing Inks and Adhesives.

Driven by our vision to be a leading resin manufacturer with the highest level of responsible care commitment, we consistently strive to reduce the use of fresh Petroleum feedstock-based raw materials in our manufacturing process by incorporating raw materials generated from select post-consumer Plastics. Our goal is to innovate sustainable alternatives with positive climate impact that can help our customers to go green in sourcing.

Putting ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) focus at the very core of our operations, we are moving towards a business model which not only delivers business advantage but also help in creating a better world.

Our Mission

Achieving Affordable and Accessible Sustainability

Offer high quality product portfolio with increasing safety margin.

Continuous improvement in terms of recycled, renewable contents in our Product

Leadership in Leading-edge Technology and Innovation.

Customer first

Planet and People before profit

The Open Innovation Approach

Traditional Innovation Funnel

Traditionally, new product development processes and the marketing of new products took place within the firm/company boundaries.


Innovating Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Our confidence in the strength of shared knowledge has steered us away from this traditional approach and made us adopt the principle of Open Innovation which is a more distributed, more participatory, more decentralized and more cost-effective approach to innovation.

Our Directors

The Visionaries Behind Our Success

Asesh Sarkar

Managing Director

Dr Rabindranath Mandal

Director, Technology & Innovation

Shanta Baruwa Borkataky

Director, Operations & Quality

Swati Deo

Director, Sustainable Sourcing & EPR

Ajay Mishra

Director, Finance &Compliance

Product Portfolio

Product Code

ESGAL 6001

Name of Resin

Long Soya Oil Alkyd BL 60/60


Decorative Paints

Product Code

ESGAL 4002

Name of Resin

Short Soya Alkyd SO 40/70


General Industrial Paints

Product Code

ESGAL 3001

Name of Resin

Short Soya Alkyd SO 30/70


NC based Refinish Paints & Wood Coating

Product Code

ESGAL 6501

Name of Resin

Alkyd Resin SO 65/100


Offset Printing Ink

Our Associates

Collaborative Partners Who Helped Us Make Our Vision a Reality


Our most trusted outsourcing partner with full Technology access, building a new Resin plant with modern design features.


Providing sustainable 360-degree solutions for post-consumer waste management through an

Empower Foundation

Working with vulnerable sections of society through impactful interventions in the areas of


As a preferred knowledge mining partner, they provide consultancy services in Technology


one of our most valued associates, is a one-stop service provider across the entire value chain in the Chemical Industry, connecting buyers and sellers using technology.
Zetchem enables manufacturers access to customers, research backed market knowledge and amenable terms so that they can focus on their productivity/production and growing their market. It clears the hurdles of discoverability, scale, transparency of price and lengthy procurement processes.

Zetchem is a 100% Subsidiary of Zetwerk, operating globally in distribution, trading and contract manufacturing of Specialty and Bulk Chemicals. ‎

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